Forniture industriali e sistemi di fissaggio

Metal and plastic hardware

Is Industrial Service is specialized in the supply of fastening systems and metal and plastic hardware for industrial applications, and has established itself as a benchmark in the field of finding metal, plastic, molded, printed and turned products, thanks to a company structure and a logistics organization based on efficiency and quality of service. With over 5,000 catalog articles and a specialized technical department able to cope with any customer’s request, the company has developed a complete and comprehensive offer of certified and ready-made products with the ability to process ad hoc solutions for the supply of fastening systems for industrial applications, components, assembly systems and equipment according to the production needs of the customer.

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Forniture industriali

n addition to fastening systems for industrial applications, Is Industrial Service provides equipment and materials for machining and the maintenance of mechanical structures: electrical, manual and pneumatic tools, measuring instruments, accident prevention devices, handling and lifting equipment.

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Viteria e Fasteners

As part of the fasteners’ component, the company offers a large and constantly updated catalog of bolts, screws, threaded rods, dowels, anchors, fixing systems and fastening systems for industrial applications, with the possibility of structuring the offer according to customers’ production lines and, of course, needs.

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  • Rational and optimized supply chain
  • Monitoring inventory of the customer’s warehouse
  • Immediate availability of equipment and fasteners
  • Flexibility and modularity of processes
  • Efficiency and timeliness in order execution