Industrial supplies and equipment

Manual, electric and pneumatic equipment

Is Industrial Service, has been operating for years in the field of industrial supplies, offers a broad and consolidated know-how, an efficiency-oriented organizational structure and a catalog of more than five products, the result of careful selection and constant research. Flexibility, technological innovation and versatility of the business proposal are the strengths of the company, always committed to the development of highly customized solutions and the provision of logistical support and specialized consulting. In order to guarantee the quality of the service and every article proposed in the catalog, the company is aimed at reliable manufacturers and industry leaders in the international market.

For the range of manual equipment’s such as keys, clamps and pneumatic tools, the brand names include Beta, Usag, Sicutool, Fervi, Fermec, Airtec and Ober, while Metabo and Bosch are the preferred partners for the selection of guaranteed electric equipment’s with high performance.

Industrial equipment and DPI

In the field of industrial equiment and DPI, the company also supplies precision equipment for industrial applications, measurement and control instruments with brands like Mitutoyo, Rupac and Borletti, as well as WSG cutting tools and chip cutting tools, UFS, Silmax, Empire and Instruments from the Korean Corps Corporation Korloy.

From abrasive materials of different design, such as disks, sheets, strips, brushes and grinding wheels to professional welding machines and solutions for workshop furnishings, lifting and handling goods and lubricating and sealing products: Is Industrial Service has developed a complete and competitive business offering that embraces every field of industrial production, with equipment for manufacturing, measuring and storage and accident prevention devices.

Equipment for industrial applications

  • Manual tools, electric tools and pneumatic tools
  • Measurement tools
  • Chip removal and cutting tools
  • Welding articles
  • Abrasive materials
  • Furniture and workshop solutions
  • Accident prevention
  • Lifting and handling items
  • Lubricants, technical spray and sealants
  • Wheels
  • Plastic and rubber materials
  • Sprockets, pulleys and chains
  • Pneumatic
  • Packaging and cleaning products
  • Normalized for molds
  • Shock
  • Handles and leaflets
  • Hardware
  • Morse and clamps
  • Locks and accessories for doors