Screws and Fasteners

Technological solutions for industry

Leader in the field of technological solutions for industry and elements for fixing, screws and fasteners on the italian territory, Is Industrial Service offers unified and special solutions of metal and plastic small parts for every industrial application. The company offers its customers extensive and growing experience in the field of cut products printed and turned products. The goal is to ensure the best quality at the most convenient conditions, by strictly monitoring the articles, production methods, logistics and organizational management. Rapid metal and self-adhesive fasteners, high strength screws and bolts, cage nuts, rivets, clamps, self-tapping screws, sheet metal inserts and specialty products are available within the Is Industrial Service, with a constantly updated catalog to better illustrate the offer and take full advantage of the latest industry technologies and innovations.

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Metallic and plastic hardware ready for delivery

From plugs to cup springs, Seeger’s, golfers and anchoring systems, each product is homologated and selected in the production of authoritative and internationally renowned brands. Hardware, screws, threaded bars in steel; stainless steel and brass are available ready-to-carry, with high performance, reliability and durability.

Manufacturing companies and manufacturers can trust in Is Industrial Service to provide fasteners and metal and plastic small parts by delegating specialized staff to any organizational aspect, from purchasing to storage, from delivery to on-site testing for assembly. Thanks to the experience gained over the years, the company is able to provide metallic and plastic hardware ready for delivery, equipment, industrial supplies and targeted technical consulting with convenient logistic solutions and support in the productive and application fields. Made up of the two headquarters in Pradamano and Udine, the organizational structure is able to reach the operational lines of the clientele throughout the country, with articulated solutions tailored to the specific needs.