Bullonery and equipment for industries

Fastening systems supplies

Is Industrial Service is a leading company in the field of distribution of standardized fastening systems supplies such as manual, electric and pneumatic tools, welding products, bolts and workshop furnishings. Thanks to a solid and well-proven organizational structure, efficient resource optimization and a catalog of more than five thousand products, which is constantly growing, the company is able to provide high-level services ensuring quality control of every business process, providing logistical and commercial support. Is Industrial Service is a leader in the field of bullonery and equipment for industries.


Is Industrial Service products

The business was founded in 2008 in the field of the marketing of fasteners, measuring instruments and accident prevention devices, since then Is Industrial Service products has grown over time by changing the evolution of the industry and confirming the innovative spirit and motivation that have characterized the company from the beginning. The merger of 2015 with Thelma Srl, a company specializing in the production of metal and plastic mining equipment, has allowed the company to open up to new markets, resulting in an expansion of the products offered and facilitating rationalization and optimization of internal processes. Today, the two headquarters of Gallarate and Pradamano manage with precision the marketing and distribution of fasteners and high quality equipment’s, for any application and need.

Mounting and fixing systems

In addition to consolidating the leadership position acquired on the domestic market, the company’s objective is to confirm itself as a reliable point of reference for the supply of hardware, components and mounting and fixing systems for manufacturers. In fact, the mission of the company is to provide the customer with the right solution at the right time. This goal is pursued by constantly monitoring needs, analyzing product rotation indices, and a flexible and efficient order delivery system.

Thanks to Is Industrial Service, the most innovative products and cutting-edge technologies, from plastic or metal fasteners to industrial application equipment, are available to customers at all times, with direct delivery to production lines.